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MassBliss 2015 lands July 10-12! - MassBliss
MassBliss 2015 lands July 10-12!

MassBliss 2015 lands July 10-12!

The goal of MassBliss 2015 is to have a lot of fun and learn something about how to be more present along the way. There is not one answer or single way to be present—so we create immersive experiences that provide many entry points to presence and passion in a way that resonates uniquely with each individual. The cumulative effect is a vibrant community of present and passionate people enjoying themselves together.

In essence, MassBliss 2015 provides many creative, fun experiences through which one can connect with the present moment.

10 reasons why we are putting on MassBliss 2015:

1) We all need to have a lot more FUN, together. All different kinds of people.

2) CAMPING….get out of the city, get into nature and experience the Berkshires in an affordable way.

3) We deserve a new immersive, participatory CLASSROOM that celebrates playfulness, creativity, and community.

4) We live in our heads too much. We need to inhabit our BODIES more. Seeing happens from a distance so if we get into our bodies we can see our minds more clearly.

5) Those little phones are stealing the MOMENT from us. Technology is beautiful though we must learn how to live with it without it losing ourselves in the moment.

6) Get back to NATURE. We come from nature yet we are disconnected from our roots. There is so much to be learned from a walk in the woods.

7) Live PERFORMANCE of any kind is a riveting experience that reaffirms what it is to be human and alive.

8) Get to know your neighbors, meet people in your COMMUNITY who are doing exciting things with their minds and bodies, and build lasting relationships.

9) Tickets are affordable and won’t break the bank while giving you ACCESS to performances and workshops of the highest quality.

10) Can’t make it live? Check out a few of the offerings ONLINE and still have an opportunity to join us from anywhere at anytime.

 So here’s what you can expect:

  • Camping- bring your tent and pitch in
  • Live Music and Theater (6 Theater Companies and 2 nights of great Music)
  • Community Stage open for anyone psyched to perform
  • Creative workshops facilitated by all of our musicians and performance artists
  • Movement workshops such as yoga, dance, functional training, biking, and stilt walking
  • Workshops in Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Local food and drink
  • Fun, dizzying, intoxicating FUN!

We have assembled our crew of talented artists, teachers, creators, performers, presenters, and idea makers and have set sail. We are are close to securing a home for MassBliss 2015 and the party is already bumpin’. When we do land, we will let everyone know immediately.

See you there!

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