Definition of a Kiss

Definition of a Kiss

This is an awesome find I came across over the weekend. It also is in line with my post a few weeks ago Reduce. Recycle. Reuse… Make a Table. Last week, Julie and I went for a hike on Pleasant Mountain (pictures below) and on our way home we passed a yard full of furniture and random household items with a sign that said Free.  Since we were basically starting over when we moved to Portland, I definitely felt like it was worth a stop so I turned the car around and started rummaging. Right off the bat, I found a plate from the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN and I knew I was in the right place. K-town is my Alma Mater city, and my home for many years.

The 1982 Wold's Fair Knoxville, TN

The 1982 Wold’s Fair Knoxville, TN

It was very clear after only a few minutes that this was the remnants of an estate sale. It was an interesting experience going through the belongings of what seemed to be an elderly couple that is no longer with us.

We were able to find a number of cool items to bring into our home. It was really a good feeling to know that these items were probably used for a long time and will continue their existence being useful instead of ending up in a land fill.

We came away with all kinds of cool things, like a vintage Marble’s Gladstone Match Safe and a old looking empty journal. When I got home I opened the journal and it opened to the only page that had writing on it. It was challenging to read but here is my best transcription:

Definition of a Kiss

1. It is a Noun Because it is Common & Proper

2. It is a Pronoun Because she stands for it

3. It is a Conjunction Because it Joins Together

4. It is a Verb Because it is Active

5. It is a Preposition Because it has an Object

6. It is an Infinitive Because it Expresses Action

7. It is an Objective Because it needs no Explanation

8. It is an Adverb because it Tells How much he Loves Her..



I feel so blessed to find this little note and I am so excited to fill the pages of this journal. I googled the contents and couldn’t find out if it’s an original or not. Please comment if you know where this comes from!

This passage reminds me how a kiss is a great way to experience the present moment. What an amazing access point we have at our disposal to awake our senses, exercise our passion, and capture the fullness of life. So grab your lover and lay one on them because there are few better ways to experience life.

I hope this inspires someone as much as it did me to look for needed items outside the shopping mall. There is so much cool history that can be passed along in used items. I am only just starting to become aware of that fact. Hopefully I won’t become a hoarder!

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